Training Services

Whether you need puppy basic training, service dog training, general obedience, help with reactivity, confidence boosting or more, we can help! We have several options to help you to build and improve the relationship with your dog by meeting it where it’s at. Please read the descriptions below. If you have any questions, reach out to us by filling out the form on the contact page or email us directly at
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Please note:

We are not currently running classes at this time.

Owners will be taught how to start their puppies out on the right foot, from good manners and focus to house breaking.
Confidence building, proper socializing, and teaching puppies to love being great followers will be stressed.

6 weeks, one hour classes
Focus is the focus of this class, learn how to get your dog to want to be attentive no matter what the distractions.
Basic obedience vocabulary, leash manners, how to create good habits for a well mannered dog, and real life solutions for basic behavioral problems will be covered.

8 weeks, 1 & ¼ hour classes
This class is for owners whose dogs who know their vocabulary, but don't always listen, or for anybody who just wants to polish up and proof their obedience. We will be working with high levels of distractions and covering off leash work with dogs that are ready for it.

6 weeks, 1 & ¼ hour classes
Looking for something new and fun to do with your dog? Engage with them in this fun class to teach them some great party tricks, while building a stronger bond! At the end of the class you can submit your tricks to an evaluator to earn your Trick Dog title.

6 weeks, one hour classes

Customized Training

You will find a few options for programs below, but

***the first step***

is to contact us for a consultation so that we can design a program that fits right for you.

Customized Programs

Sometimes you just need a conversation in order to be able to move forward, or perhaps you are from out of town and are unable to meet locally. Zoom meetings have been a great way to work around distances and can be as effective as in-person meetings.
1 hour Zoom meeting: $75
30 minute phone call: $30
1 hour phone call: $50
Sessions can be arranged at your home (or another location) in the Edmonton area or at the Steadfast facility. If your problems are small we can often resolve them in just one meeting. At your home or other location: $200
Please note: Your first session with us includes a free consultation. You will be paying the full cost of a regular 1 hour session, but please plan for 1-2 hours for your first session, which includes the consultation.
Dogs will be kept full time for (generally) two to four weeks and trained. Owners will then be taught how to properly handle, trouble shoot and transfer the training. All board and train programs are guaranteed for the lifetime of the dog. Prices start at $1000 per week but vary according to your needs. Please contact us for a proper quote.
Short stay and daily options available. Contact us to discuss options.